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Case Study: Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Updated: Apr 28

Agency Overview:

  • Name: Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

  • Location: Blountville, TN

  • Size: 104 Officers

Challenges: The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office sought to overcome the inefficiencies of their paper-based training documentation system. The traditional method was cumbersome, not cost-effective, and lacked real-time tracking capabilities.

Solution: InterventionPro was introduced as a comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed to streamline the training and documentation processes within the law enforcement agency.

Implementation Process: Implemented in Q1 of 2022, the software was adopted by the Jail and Patrol divisions and utilized modules for evaluations, qualifications, checklists, and document management, facilitating a smooth transition from paper-based systems.

Usage and Application: InterventionPro's modular design was effectively employed for daily evaluations, policy acknowledgments, and tracking certification requirements, significantly improving the workflow within both divisions.

Results and Impact: With the adoption of InterventionPro, the Field Training Program at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office experienced a notable improvement. The software enabled:

  • Increased efficiency in task completion

  • Significant time savings for staff

  • A paperless, transparent, and faster approval process

  • Easy access to real-time progress updates, enhancing communication and reducing the need for constant updates and meetings

Although specific metrics were not previously tracked, an evident improvement in the efficiency, effectiveness, and employee attitudes towards the training program was recognized.

Staff Feedback: Lt. Rusty Ryan from the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office reported a positive experience with InterventionPro, highlighting the initial learning curve but ultimately finding the system to be highly efficient. Positive feedback was also received from line staff, who found the system superior to previous methods.

"My experience utilizing InterventionPro has been great! I will admit that, at first it was a little difficult acclimating to using a new digital system, but once I acquainted myself with it, it became easier and easier. Now, from an Administrator standpoint, it is one of the most efficient programs that I use. I have also had a lot of positive comments from line staff that utilize this system daily stating that it is so much better that previous methods." --Lt. Rusty Ryan, Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, TN

Future Prospects: The agency has expanded its use of InterventionPro with the AssetMaster inventory module to manage the issuance, maintenance, and auditing of firearms, clothing, vehicles, accessories, and specialized crime scene items.

Lessons Learned: Lt. Rusty Ryan advises other agencies considering InterventionPro to have a clear vision for system setup and functionality. He commends the customer service provided by InterventionPro, emphasizing their support in customizing the system to the agency's needs.

"Some of the best advice that I could give another agency that is considering the use of InterventionPro would be to have a general idea of how they would want the system set up and function. The guys at InterventionPro have been outstanding in customer service and have helped us build our agency system the way we want it set up. " --Lt. Rusty Ryan, Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, TN

Testimonial: Sheriff Jeff Cassidy endorsed the transition to InterventionPro, citing efficiency gains, cost savings, and the significant benefits of a digital system in managing the training division's documentation.

"InterventionPro enables the Training Division with an opportunity to streamline and organize our training documentation requirements... The ability to maintain documents in a relatively simple digital system has made this transition worthwhile." - Jeff Cassidy, Sheriff, Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

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