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How InterventionPro Can Streamline Processes for Insurance Adjusters -InterventionPro task management for insurance claims

InterventionPro task management for insurance claims

InterventionPro task management for insurance claims

Unlock the potential of InterventionPro task management for insurance claims! This powerful tool enables you to efficiently create and assign list groups to adjusters for any claim event. Dive into our step-by-step guide and see how InterventionPro simplifies the process, from creating a list group to assigning it to an adjuster, ensuring a smooth and organized claim handling experience.

To create and assign a list group to an adjuster for a claim event in an insurance company using InterventionPro, follow these steps:

Creating a List Group

  1. Navigate to Precision Lists:

  • Locate “Precision Lists” on the side menu and select "List Configuration".

  1. Create a List Group:

  • Click “Add New” under List Group (Admin).

  • Name the List Group (e.g., "Claim Event Procedures").

  • Select the appropriate node it belongs to (e.g., the specific department or branch).

  • Save the new list group.

  1. Add Items to the List Group:

  • Click the list icon (hamburger menu) next to the newly created list group to expand it.

  • Use “Add New” or “Inline Add” to add specific tasks or items (e.g., "Initial Claim Assessment", "Contact Policyholder", "Evaluate Damage").

  • Save each item.

Assigning the List Group to an Adjuster

  1. Navigate to List Assignments:

  • Go to Precision Lists and select "List Assignments (Admin)".

  1. Assign the List to an Adjuster:

  • Click "Assign List to a Single User" or "Assign List to Multiple Users" depending on your needs.

  • Select the appropriate agency node (e.g., the department or branch where the adjuster works).

  • Choose the adjuster from the dropdown menu (or select multiple adjusters if needed).

  • Select the List Group created earlier (e.g., "Claim Event Procedures").

  • Add any notes if necessary (e.g., specific instructions for the claim event).

  • Click Save.

  1. Notification and Acceptance:

  • The adjuster(s) will receive notifications via email, SMS, and their dashboard about the new list assigned.

  • They can click the link in the notification to accept and review the list.

  • The adjuster must enter their PIN associated with their digital signature to acknowledge receipt of the list.

Monitoring and Completion

  1. Monitor List Completion:

  • Navigate to "List Completion Status" to view the status of the lists assigned to adjusters.

  • You can see the percentage of completion and send reminders if needed.

  1. List Sign-off:

  • Adjusters can sign off on completed tasks within the list, indicating that they have completed each item.

  • Admins or trainers can also sign off if the list is set up that way.

Example Workflow for a Claim Event

  1. Initial Claim Assessment:

  • Task: Collect initial claim details from the policyholder.

  • Sign-off: Adjuster.

  1. Contact Policyholder:

  • Task: Schedule an inspection with the policyholder.

  • Sign-off: Adjuster.

  1. Evaluate Damage:

  • Task: Inspect the damage and document findings.

  • Sign-off: Adjuster.

  1. Prepare Report:

  • Task: Compile a detailed report on the claim.

  • Sign-off: Adjuster and Supervisor.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create, assign, and manage task lists for adjusters handling claim events, ensuring thorough and organized claim processing.

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