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Mastering Evaluation (Direct Observation Report) Creation and Completion with InterventionPro

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

How to Create and Complete an Evaluation

Step 1: Create a new evaluation:

To create, add or complete an evaluation, you must first create it. You do this by clicking on the Add New button in the Evaluation area.

Step 2: Fill out the initial evaluation form:

You select all the necessary criteria from the dropdown menus in Add New Evaluation area. The System will automatically add the DOR # based on how many have been completed. The user will need to fill out all required fields on the evaluation form including Trainee, FTO date, Phase, Area, Task Group, Administator and Trainer.

Step 3: Fill out performance tasks:

After saving the initial evaluation form, the user will be forwarded to the form where the performance task can be completed. The user can come back to this form at any time. The performance tasks automatically populated according to the task group that was chosen on the intial evaluation for. For instance, if the user selected that the training would be in a control tower, only the required performance tasks for control center operations will show. To update the peformance tasks, the user and perform an inline edit. To do an inline add, simply click on the performance task row to be edited. The user can the select the code, the rating, and enter a narrative for that task. If the user has a document that they want to attach to that task, they can add an attachment here. An example of this would be that they could add the Armory list after it was completed by the trainee to the “Armory and Weapons Procedures” line.

If you start a DOR, you can always go back and finish it later if you have not locked the record. To finish a saved DOR, you simply open the started DOR and follow the previous instructions on completing the DOR.

Step 4: Finish the Evaluation

Once finished with an evaluation DOR, the user can go back to the Main Page and add the Most Acceptable and Least Acceptable performance areas, and they can sign the document. If they are certain that the form is complete and will not be making any further changes to it, they can lock the record using the “Lock Record” button on the lower right corner. Once a document is locked the only thing that can be done is adding signatures and notes or sharing.

Step 5: Notify and Sign.

Once the document is signed and saved, it will e-mail and message the trainee that there is an evaluation in the system for their review.

When the trainee clicks the link, it will take them to the evaluation to review/sign.

When the trainee enters their PIN to sign the evaluation, the date is added. Once saved, the system sends an e-mail and internal message to the Administrator (Field Training Coordinator) that there is a signed DOR in the system for review.

The e-mail and internal message will have a link to take the admin directly to the correct DOR .

To print an evaluation, select the evaluation using the checkbox to the left of the record and then select the “Print selected” from the printer icon. Then select "print details",and hit print.

NOTE: The only people that will be able to see a DOR is the Trainer, the Trainee, and the Admin. If an FTO wishes to share a record with another FTO, they need to open the DOR and slick on the “Share” tab. Once this is done, they will select the person that they wish to share with and save. This DOR will now be viewable by that person as well.

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